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After we installed the 20 street trees with the help of New York Restoration Project and Americorps, we are required to maintain them and ensure their survival. The most important consideration is making sure that the trees receive enough water, which requires a weekly visit from one of our dedicated volunteers. In order to coordinate this process and make it as easy to perform as possible, we have created 2 watering zones, mapped out below. We always need more dedicated street tree stewardship volunteers.

If you are interested in helping to care for street trees within the Gowanus Canal watershed, please contact Hans:

Street Tree - Watering Zone 1

Street Tree - Watering Zone 2


The Gowanus Canal Conservancy worked with a large contingent of extremely motivated Americorps volunteers on Friday morning, May 20, planting 20 street trees in the neighborhoods around the Gowanus Canal. This project was coordinated with the help of NYC Parks Department (DPR) and the New York Restoration Project (NYRP). In preparation for this project, the GCC walked around the neighborhoods within 2 blocks of the Canal with NYRP project manager Britt Zimmerman and identified appropriate locations for street trees. NYRP purchased the trees and had them delivered to the Conservancy’s Salt Lot for installation on the Planting day.

The Americorps Volunteers!

On the morning of the Clean & Green, several dedicated NYRP field staff members worked extremely hard to transport the street trees from the Salt Lot to their destination in the field. Some of the trees were so large that it was necessary to rent a bobcat for their transport.

Street trees waiting at the Salt Lot.

Americorps volunteers showed up around 9:00am and were instructed regarding proper tree-installation techniques. We passed around fliers produced by NYRP and DPR, which depicted best planting practices. After instruction, the volunteers were divided up into groups, handed maps showing tree locations and dispersed throughout the neighborhood.

Volunteers install a street tree at the corner of 2nd Ave and 9th St.

Team leaders with horticultural experience led the groups and oversaw the installation of the street trees. The Americorps volunteers did beautiful work and all 20 trees were planted, staked and mulched within 3 hours.

The Redbuds (Cercis canadensis) are still blooming their heads off in the 2nd Avenue Garden, right next to the Salt L0t.

Redbud in bloom at the 2nd Avenue Garden.