Yesterday, the Conservancy welcomed about 80 volunteers to the Salt Lot for our monthly Clean & Green event, our most yet! Volunteers participated in compost windrow building, tree mapping, tree stewardship, and a green wall workshop. We also had a group of volunteers do some stewardship work with the Gowanus Alliance at Ennis Park. There were many activities going on so thank you to our volunteers from NYCares, Whole Foods and the community for all your help!

With about 7500 lbs of food scraps, we created our June Compost Windrow! Here’s some pictures of our volunteers working hard adding layers and sculpting our new pile.

We also sifted around a cubic yard of compost with a compost sifter from DB Co-op, an organization of engineers, designers, architects, and more who create human powered machines. When someone pedals the bike, the attached mesh drum turns and sifts the compost. Who doesn’t love the idea of working out while composting? Here’s one of our enthusiastic volunteers pedaling away:
Tree Stewardship
While we did some stewardship and mapping around the Salt Lot, we also sent volunteers over to Ennis Park to help the Gowanus Alliance with their work. We pruned some bushes and picked up nearby trash.

20130623_115903 20130623_120903

Then, we enjoyed some delicious food and even received shirts courtesy of the Gowanus Alliance. Thanks to them for organizing such a fun activity for us!


Green Wall Workshop
Members of our volunteer committee came up with the great idea to create green wall prototypes for the Salt Lot, furthering the Conservancy’s efforts to green more urban space. The green wall was made of readily available materials and shows that a project like this is not difficult to pull off. Volunteers helped construct, plant, and install these prototypes along the fence of the Salt Lot. A big thanks to Build It Green for providing some of our materials.

Here are some pictures of the process of creating one of these prototypes: 20130623_13291920130623_132120
Here’s two of our garden interns, Pamela and Jeanette, working on it:
And the finished project!Untitled
These prototypes are a beautiful new addition to the Salt Lot and we’re excited to see their progress!

And after a long hot day in the sun, we ended the day with a barbecue feast courtesy of Whole Foods.
Thanks again to everyone who came yesterday and we hope to see you soon! For more pictures, check out our Flickr!