Back in September of 2012, the Conservancy and volunteers installed a garden on 3rd Avenue and 3rd Street. Once a bare patch of dirt is now a vibrant green corridor:

Before and after in September 2012

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As with many right-of-way green spaces, regular maintenance such as trash pick-up, weeding, and watering is necessary for a happy and thriving garden. Plants just need some love!

This past weekend, a stellar group of volunteers braved the rain to install over 50 plants in the bare patches of the garden. Although the plants will go dormant over the winter, Spring 2015 will bring a vibrant new growth of plant life!

Volunteers, including Brooklyn Tech Key Club, installing new plants:

IMG_20141101_113432799 IMG_20141101_113451514IMG_20141101_115951994

The before and after:


IMG_20141031_134743964  IMG_20141101_171407387


Our final volunteer events of 2014 will be on November 15 and November 16. For more information visit our website, or email