At this July Clean & Green at the GCC 20 volunteers came out to Detective Mayrose Park to revitalize the park gardens. Among a variety of flowers donated by the conservancy, volunteers also brought GCC’s own stash of monthly compost to add a nutrient boost the soil to help native flowers to grow at the park.

Plans for the urban garden were drawn up by Leah Wener, a conservancy volunteer with an expertise in gardens and horticulture. One of GCC’s greatest strengths is the amount of volunteers with a variety of specialties that all serve the purpose of GCC to conserve the Gowanus Watershed area in creative ways.

During this Clean & Green, volunteers set out to perform different tasks to implement this new native plant garden at Detective Mayrose Park. From raking and turning soil to incorporate GCC’s nutritious compost, to cleaning up the park and installing plant plugs according to the garden map plans, Mayrose Park turned into a beautiful community green garden space alongside the Prospect Expressway.


Picking up winter mint flowers from the Salt Lot to bring over to Mayrose Park.


Mayrose installation plan.


Weeding out old plants and trash to turn compost and install native flowers.


Volunteers installing plugs.


Young volunteers helping with the garden project.