Last weekend GCC’s STEM educators went out to the 2nd Street boat dock at the Gowanus Canal to see first hand what lives in the Gowanus, and exactly how to test the waters. GCC is partnering with PS 32, MS 51, and MS 88 to develop a STEM curriculum that uses the Gowanus Canal as an outdoor classroom. Together GCC and this group of teachers are piloting integrated studies of the Gowanus for future generations of students.

Teachers boarded canoes led by Ann Fraioli, GCC’s curriculum developer from the Urban Memory Project to observe the canal surroundings and make scientific inferences about all that was seen. Some new discoveries were made such as changes to infrastructure surrounding the canal, an island of trash floating in the Gowanus, and even an unidentified species of fish thriving within the waters. Additionally, these teachers learned how to perform tests on the canal for pH levels, turbidity, temperature, and water quality.

GCC STEM curriculum development is supported by an Environmental Justice grant from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Thank you PS 32, MS 51, MS 88 and Gowanus Dredgers for all of your hard work and support!