Alex Lola, a prospective Eagle Scout, is collaborating with the Conservancy to construct a greenhouse in the Salt Lot. The project aims to expand the Conservancy’s nursery and provide a home for plants during the upcoming winter months. The planning process developed throughout Spring 2013. The construction phase began in September, and the first building day was on October 19. The build will continue through the upcoming weeks.

The proposal for the greenhouse initially included four different ideas for the frame, or shape, the structure would take. The decision on the right frame to use were based on conditions such as material cost, interior space, structural stability, and weight load for the greenhouse’s covering. Alex settled on a wooden ‘A-Frame’ structure, a sturdy build designed to bear lightweight to medium-heavy coverings such as the corrugated plastic that will be used to enclose Alex’s greenhouse on all sides.

The design’s blueprint states that the final structure will be 12 feet in both width and height, and 30 feet in length. It will be composed of five, triangular arches nailed to two 10 foot boards raised 24 inches off the ground. Each triangular arch is supported by cross pieces that give the ‘A-Frame’ its name. These arches are supported by criss-crossing boards. The following pictures should help to illustrate both the structure and the community effort being put into this project:

Making a few measurements for the 10 foot base boards.

Hauling one of the triangle frames that gives the ‘A-frame’ its name.

Putting it all together…

…and keeping it all together!

Propping up the ‘criss-crossing’ boards that support the arches.


This community project is shaping up to be a fantastic addition to the Salt Lot!

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