Our staff got a treat this week – another field trip! This week, we went to the Battery Park City Parks Conservancy and learned about their composting system. When we were determining which composting system to use, we contemplated the system currently used at Battery Park, an in-vessel unit. This system processes food scraps faster and does not require any labor since it is turned with an auger.

We met with a worker there who spoke to us about how they perfect their compost. They are more precise and scientific with their composting system, due to the fact that they use a microscope and look for certain bacteria which tells them whether the soil is healthy or not.
Compost Curing & Finishing
And now ready for use!IMG_1868
They also make compost tea, which they put on their grounds. Compost tea is a mixture of compost and water that has a higher bacterial count and brings extra nutrients to plants. Adding this to plants gives them more benefits than just using compost by itself.
Staff members learning about the process:
They also have an outside location where overs and larger pieces cure outside and eventually create compost!
It was an amazing to learn about another facility’s composting process because it gave us an opportunity to reflect on our own system and figure out where there is room for improvement. Thanks Battery Park City Parks Conservancy for showing us around!

Afterwards, we walked around the Esplanade and enjoyed the view from the waterfront. We even took a visit to Teardrop Park and marveled at the amazing landscaping work done. It was a great day for learning for our staff members!