This past Saturday, the Conservancy hosted another GLAM (Gowanus Low Area Mapping) event with help from Public Laboratory and some volunteers. At this event, we took pictures for our seasonal imagery mapping and also began to document the vegetation along the Canal’s banks.

Eymund Diegel led the way, showing us the correct way to set and send the balloon up.

2013_June_8_Canon s100 with water fogged lens_IMG_9760

After a test run inside the Salt Lot, some of us paddled off with canoes from the Dredgers and took some shots of the vegetation on the Lot’s waterfront.



Then, the other half joined us on the Canal and we headed up to the Upper Basin. It was a bit windy, but we got some great shots!



2013_June_8_0_dentons_spring_minor seepage_also gowanus_creek_seepage_IMG_2372

We even picked up a superhero along the way!


To close the day out, we went to Washington Park and took some aerial pictures of the Old Stone House. For more pictures from the day, click here!



It was a great day to get outside and have fun. We’re hoping you can join us next time! Float on!