With a freshly laid bed of mulch, who wouldn’t want to layer food scraps, woodchips, sawdust, and leaves all over it? March’s compost windrow build marks the first monthly build of 2013:

Our Volunteer Coordinators and volunteers from Fedex, Brooklyn Law School, Whole Foods, and individuals were so on point that efficiency was certainly the buzzword of the day. Although only 1 out of the 21 volunteers had ever worked with compost before, they quickly embraced the whole raw food-scrap thing and shoveled, wheelbarrowed, and pitchforked their way to compost success.


And we couldn’t have done it without the kids! He was super excited to shovel everything and anything:

The highlight of the day also came from our friends over at DB Co-op, an organization of engineers, designers, architects, and more who create human powered machines. They kindly lent us their compost sifter: an assembly of trommel (a mesh drum), stationary bike, and conveyor belt system. While someone pedaled, the trommel rotates to sift the compost. Here it is in action with our enthusiastic group of Brooklyn Law School volunteers:

We’ll be using the compost in our garden installations around the neighborhood, tree stewardship, and on-site berm and street-end gardens.

After the day’s work, our volunteers more than deserved a lunch consisting of grilled goods, graciously donated by Whole Foods.

Til’ the next compost windrow venture!