After a long, bitter winter, the Conservancy finally opened the Salt Lot gates last Saturday to welcome our first host of 2013 volunteers. We also partnered with our friends at NYRP and MillionTreesNYC for the year’s first Tree Giveaway. What a hoot! It was refreshing to see the Salt Lot brimming with activity and we’re excited for the rest of the year’s events.

Thanks to the immense volunteer turnout from St. Johns University, Whole Foods, Nelson Byrd Woltz, Boy Scout Troop 815, Midwood HS, and many community members, we:
+ Gave away 85 trees
+ Planted 29 Yucca filementosa, 2 Salix flames, 2 Cornus alba, and 17 Juniper virginiana on the berm garden
+ Planted Salix discolor in the 2nd Ave street-end garden
+ Expanded the berm garden with stairs
+ Dewinterized plants in the nursery

Our volunteers laying down mulch:

+ Cleaned 2nd Ave and 5th St, removing 30 cubic yards of trash


The pile of trash amassed:

And of course, all done in style:

+ Aerated the soil and picked up trash at the 3rd Ave garden
+ Assembled and painted 2 beehives
Boy Scout Troop 815 helped us assemble beehives, in addition to painting them a vibrant green:

+ Assembled mason bee habitats using reeds

As part of our beekeeping project, our lovely Volunteer Coordinator Emily Vaughn and Boy Scout Troop 815 have constructed mason bee habitat using reeds:

The reeds are then bound together with some twine and placed in a tree. We’ll be keeping an eye on these guys.


As always, we are so grateful for all the help from our volunteers. See ya’ll at the next one!