This summer, we’re excited to start a new project geared towards tree enthusiasts: the NY Department of Environmental Conservation awarded the Conservancy a grant to map all tree pits within 2 blocks of the canal. With this information, we hope to expand green space around the canal, one of the most sparsely forested areas in Brooklyn. We also plan to present the information gathered to the public in August.

Gowanus Forestry Study Area:

To gather data, TreeKIT has developed simple site-surveying methods for geolocating street trees. They aim to map all the tree pits in NYC, which will include the data that we gather. Data such as tree pit size, diameter at breast height (DBH), tree identification, and relative health of the tree will help us better understand the scope of the Gowanus urban forest.

, they rock.

To kickstart this project, we hosted a meeting for many of our Mapping Stewards this past Thursday–the Conservancy is lucky to host such an enthusiastic group of folks to lead this venture. We came out of the meeting ready to tackle tree pits with a clipboard and a measuring wheel (as shown below):

Mapping Stewards will get trained as Citizen Pruners, as well as TreeKIT data collection; they’ll then lead volunteers on four Mapping Days.

Keep your eyes peeled for tree mapping action this summer!

If you are interested in volunteering, email Additionally, more information on getting licensed as a Citizen Pruner can be found on the TreesNY website.