It’s that time of the month at the GCC–which could only be a compost windrow build at the Salt Lot nursery. With Hurricane Sandy wiping out the windrow from October’s compost day, this month’s was a clean slate. Or just dirty enough. The GCC welcomed 8,800 lbs. of food scraps from farmer’s markets and an impromptu collection from the Carroll Gardens Food Coop.

Erik Martig, Suzanne Lipton, and Christine Petro started off the day by giving a run-down of the fascinating world of composting science, complete with a diagram.

Layer upon layer of food scraps, compost, mulch, and leaf litter combined to form the perfect lasagna-like windrow, which will be turned weekly to aerate the mixture, providing the optimal aerobic environment for microbes to break down the food scraps.

Also, we can’t forget many other important activities occurring outside of composting. Volunteers worked diligently to organize the cement blocks from Saturday’s Clean & Green, applied compost and mulch in the rain garden (on the canal bank), and picked up trash.

Compost and mulch being applied to the rain garden.

The neatly stacked pile of bricks and cement blocks, displaced from tree pits in the Gowanus.

Local garden installer and designer Hannah Edmunds and 1/3 of the Garden Design Dream Team Andrea Parker propagated many seeds in our seed boxes for future additions in other gardens. Finally, Director of Special Projects Extraordinaire Hans Hesselein and Tree Steward of the Year Bob Lesko led volunteers on a mission to set up tree guards around trees near 2nd Ave.

Productivity can also be fun!