The trees surrounding the block of 3rd Ave to 4th Ave, and 1st St to 3rd St were in need of some major stewardship. Naturally, GCC volunteers were more than willing to do service on a Saturday morning!

Although there is a need for volunteers to plant trees, there is a more pressing need for tree care. Many trees would not survive without proper pruning, soil tilling, and watering. Million Trees NYC has a tree adoption website, where you can learn more about how to care for a street tree in your neighborhood. Similarly, TreesNY offers classes on how to be a certified Citizen Pruner.

Forty individuals gathered on 3rd St and 3rd Avenue last Saturday; armed with pole saws, sledgehammers, and pruning shears (and led by our all-star experienced volunteer coordinators), volunteers set off to pry cement blocks out of tree pits, prune dead and damaged branches, and apply compost at the base of trees.

We hope that nurturing the trees and the soil will mitigate the amount of rainfall that contributes to the combined sewer overflow (CSO) that is a major pollutant of the canal.

Andrea heading off to prune trees, post-pruning trees. Pure dedication.

It was a combined effort, but we managed to steward all 34 street trees around the block–thank you to all our volunteers and volunteer coordinators who once again make our events AWESOME!