The Clean & Green on Sunday, October 21st combined tree giveaways, rain garden work, and composting. The event garnered roughly 80 volunteers of all ages and the Salt Lot was full of activity throughout the afternoon; weeding near the Salt Lot fence, seeding in our Native Seed Restoration plots, creating a path in the Salt Lot rain garden, composting, and many more activities kept the volunteers busy.

In conjunction with MillionTreesNYC, the New York Restoration Project, and BuilditGreen!NYC, trees were given away till mid afternoon. They will all be planted within the five boroughs, further greening our city!

Happy volunteers!

A beautiful composting windrow under way:

Volunteers worked all day to weed, pave, and maintain the overrun rain garden. The results were astounding:

The tree giveaway resulted in many happy new tree owners!

We will be having another tree giveaway consecutively at our November 18th Compost Windrow build, at the Salt Lot from 11 am to 3 pm. Email Natasia at to get more details.

With all the hard work, a break was truly deserved; here, our resident education and composting expert Christine Petro gets creative.

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UPDATE: Although the flooding during Hurricane Sandy did contaminate much of the work that was done this day, the compost was deemed salvageable–however, we will be using it only our Salt Lot site. The rain garden that was built mostly remains intact, highlighting the native species’ adaptability to a saltwater/freshwater inundating environment.