With plant boxes built for our Native Seed Plant Experiment, it was a matter of gathering up some volunteers and getting right into filling up those beds!

Huge thanks to Bryan Quinn from One Nature, who designed the experiment. We aimed to test a number of soil mixtures to find the ideal medium to plant native seeds in a relatively impermeable area.

Our 6 boxes include:

1. 6″ compost

2. 6″ sand

3. 2 parts compost:1 part saw dust

4. 3″ sand + 3″ compost

5. 3″ mulch + 3″ compost

6. No fill (control)

The beautiful Fall afternoon was a welcome surprise to the otherwise chilly start to our morning. Our dedicated volunteers were working hard as always!

A close up of one of our seed plots:

Our finished seed plots overlooking the canal:

Thank you to Bryan Quinn and Rachel Kaplan for documenting the event!