This morning, we stopped by the Salt Lot to check on the Floating Gardens projects that were launched last month (click here for the full post on that).   The anchored bottle gardens are still afloat and intact along the shore, and we were pleasantly surprised to find volunteer spirtana alterniflora (a.k.a. salt marsh cordgrass) sprouting on the banks as well!

We spotted a large school of juvenile fish splashing about in the shelter of the gardens, most likely sampling the plankton living below the roots of floating plants.

Of course, young fish also provide a delightful snack for many creatures… a few hefty predators seem to be making their way to the area for a taste of the action.  We were very excited to spot some blue crabs scuttling around, and a bird making use of the new heron platform!

It looks like the floating gardens can play a useful role in the ecosystem… it’s great to see a thriving wildlife community on the Gowanus Canal!