July 31st, 2011

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy in partnership with Grassrootsmapping a subset of The Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science (PLOTS) launched weather balloons in the Gowanus Watershed to capture low altitude pictures to be part of a larger map.  This is the third collaboration between the Conservancy and Grassroots to document and monitor the Clean-Up effort at the Gowanus Canal.

01.22.2011, First Successful Launch:

01.22.2011 A compact camera is used to take low altitude pictures from a helium filled weather balloon.

01.22.2011 Weather Balloon Launch

01.22.2011 Guiding the weather balloon in a canoe

07.31.2011, Third Successful Launch

07.31.2011 Getting ready to launch

07.31.2011 Guiding the balloon

Low altitude pictures taken from the weather balloons are sorted and complied into a high resolution map.

The first G-LAM Map is viewable from this link.

You can compare that map to the map complied in March here.

Check back soon for a map compiled for July! You can also view exciting aerial and infrared pictures taken from the Gowanus watershed on our flickr site.

As always we would like to thank the Gowanus Dredgers for supplying the canoes and PLOTS in making these aerial map projects possible. Also, we would like to thank Liberty Industrial Gases for their generosity in donating the helium to help us launch these balloons. Here is the composite near-infrared map produced by folks at Public Laboratory.

Near Infrared phot of the Gowanus Canal_July 31, 2011