GCC - Tools & Plants waiting for installation

We had a wonderful Clean & Green day in April, working to put the finishing touches on some brand new street trees in Carroll Gardens along Smith street as well as clean and maintain existing tree pits further down Smith street towards the 9th street F-stop. The NYC Parks Department generously facilitated the installation of several new street trees, which the Conservancy agreed to help mulch, water and plant some perennials around.

GCC - Brooklyn Tech students remove weeds and cobbles

Brooklyn Tech students remove weeds and cobbles

We also picked up massive quantities of trash and pulled weeds from around the base of several neglected tree pits on the South end of Smith street. Weeds look unsightly and will compete with the trees for water and nutrients. We also spent a lot of time removing unnecessary cobble stones from pits where the trees had outgrown their usefulness. Although cobbles can help to protect tree roots from the wayward pedestrian, ultimately they reduce the permeability of the tree pit and can constrict its roots. Every tree likes to have its soils loosened and aerated from time to time. Believe it or not, trees need to breathe too.

GCC - Tree pit cleanup

Volunteers remove weeds and cobbles from an existing tree pit in need of some TLC.

GCC - Mulch Pile

Brooklyn Tech students attack the mulch pile!